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Welcome to "Jesus is Lord" Chapter of Miami  

                        We welcome you to Magnificat in the name of the Lord! Whether this is your first time with us or you have come many times before, we want you to know how glad we are that you’re here. We pray that today may be a special day in your life as you experience the presence of Jesus Christ among us.
                       The Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) is the great hymn of praise that Mary prayed while visiting Elizabeth. Both women had been deeply touched by God. Elizabeth was bearing a long-awaited child; Mary was carrying within her womb the very Son of God. They came together to help one another, to speak of God’s action in their lives, to sing, to pray, to share a common table, to be strengthened for all that was to come.
We call our gathering a Magnificat because, like Mary and Elizabeth, we too want to come together in God’s presence. As we share together, listen to a speaker together, eat together, sing together and pray together, may we too recognize what God has already done in us and call forth in each other a new openness to the power of His Spirit in our lives.
                     Magnificat came into being out of a desire to share with all Catholic women the fruit we have experienced through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. We describe this fruit as - a deeper knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
                   Magnificat is held about every three months and our gatherings are centered around Mary to whom we consecrate this work in a special way.  At Magnificat Jesus is Lord Chapter we hope you will receive:
à an experience of the release of the power of the Holy Spirit
à an appreciation and love for Mary, our Mother and model
à an appreciation and love for the Catholic Church
Find us on Facebook:  @MagnificatMiami



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